Photo course on the Área Cámper Mazarrón

During the winter season, we offer our guests free photo courses in the months of October - March.

The only thing you need to bring is a camera, time, desire and a good mood.

We'll make sure you have fun - we promise!

The photo course consists of theory and practice, the contents are as follows:

  1. Aperture, time, iso + automatic
  2. Manual mode
  3. Auto-focus
  4. Exposure compensation + metering
  5. JPEG / RAW
  6. Handling the camera
  7. Useful accessories
  8. Photo law / Copyright
  9. Joint photo tours

The theory consists of two learning units and takes place in the salon at the Área Cámper Mazarrón.

Duration 2 - 3 hours each

The practice consists of two photo tours and takes place in the surroundings of Mazarrón.

Duration 3 - 4 hours each

The photo course ends with a picture discussion in the salon at the Área Cámper Mazarrón.

The first photo course started with six participants. It is possible to join the photo course at any time, the course language is German.

You are welcome to register at the e-mail address post@photo-web.design!

Interested? Please register!


Copyright: 1. cover image: stokpic, Pixabay 2. column image: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay 3. footer image: Foundry Co, Pixabay