The longest table in Mazarrón

was held at Christmas in the Área Cámper Mazarrón. We think it's very record-breaking for the Guinness Book:

80 people and 40 metres of table length were a clear statement!

Luigi Menna, a guest on the pitch, had the idea for the street party on Christmas Day. Luigi comes from Italy, is a pizza baker who had learned his trade in Germany, where he also ran a western saloon with live concerts and organised the latter himself.

Luigi can be seen on the cover picture with his wife Monika Strobel.

Everyone brought table, chairs, drinks as well as food and the Christmas party took its unstoppable course. Two women even dared to take a dip in the pool.

Luigi, you did a great job! Many thanks for your great commitment, which the visitors thanked you for with much joy and fun at the Christmas party.