Gala Dinner and Party

New Year's Eve began at the Área Cámper Mazarrón at 7.30 pm with 94 guests, who were well looked after by 10 staff.

The invitation poster announced a gala dinner with a surprise bag and party DJ, as well as gifts and surprises.

Work went on all day and the staff managed to have a festively decorated salon with beautifully laid tables waiting for the guests.

During the song Viva Espana, the starter of scampi was carried into the salon by the service staff and the guests waved the napkins above their heads.

Of course, the New Year's Eve custom with the 12 lucky grapes, which are supposed to bring luck for the next 12 months, was not to be missed. But only for those who managed to eat all the grapes in time.

After the gala dinner, the main course was dorado or pork cheeks, each with side dishes, the guests danced and rocked to the music of "Winkis Sound 4 You".

Fun pictures were taken at a photo booth, who needs a smartphone then, or do they?

Where is she?

Found it!

Our team, we are proud of you - thank you!

We wish our guests and staff a new year full of happiness and good times - stay healthy.